Philmont Management, Inc. is recognized throughout the Los Angeles region as a
progressive general contracting firm that offers a wide range of services in the
construction industry. Most notably, Philmont Management, Inc. has accumulated
extensive expertise in the field of new construction, tenant improvement and
adaptive reuse for live/work buildings.

With numerous high profile projects completed or in the pipeline, Philmont Management,
Inc. strives to deliver unprecedented results whether big or small. This is due
to the nature of our business expertise in tenant improvements and adaptive reuse
that has enabled us to reinforce our strength in meeting the challenges of any given

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the highest quality of services
through efficiency and economical solutions. We are problem-solvers who seek
and suggest effective measures to bring out the most in their project by working
closely with the designer and client by providing insight into construction issues that
may affect their project in the long run.
This is mainly possible due to our experienced staff who endeavor to contribute
and take pride in producing better results. Currently, Philmont Management, Inc
staff consists of professional engineers and experienced construction workers that
share our philosophy of overcoming barriers through team work, dedication, and